£16.95 per key + £8.95 postage & packing

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order quantity for this key type is 2.
1st Class Recorded Delivery, leaves us within 7 working days.

This key will be nickel-silver in colour with a square head, it might have a small black rubber pip but this may have fallen out to reveal a small hole. 

There are a couple of different versions of the way the key might look but the important thing that you're looking for is the key number which will start with the letters 'BG'
A typical example of a key number for this type of key would be 'BG04567' 

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise you to have these keys posted to a different address to where the lock is fitted.

(please note if your key number looks like this "BG10/number" instead of "BG0number" then we cannot cut your key and you need to contact the original installer/supplier of the lock)

It could be embossed with the words 'Eurospec' and 'MULTI-PIN SECURITY'. The key may also feature the E*S and MP10 logos. It could even have telephone numbers engraved on the head.

On the back of the key 'EN1303:2005' is engraved in very small text, and underneath this is a grid containing the numbers 16010C62.
None of this matters as long as it has the all important 'BG' code which is what our key boffins need to cut it for you.

NB: If your number does not start 'BG' it may be part of a master key suite and additional keys must be therefore sourced from the original supplier. Please do not attempt to order MP10 keys which do not have a key number starting 'BG'

You can also use this page to order the more obscure key numbers such as:
BG1, BG2, BG3, BG4, BG5, BG6, BG7, BG8, BG9 (not BG10) BG11.

Additionally, you can also use this page to order if your key number starts with BGMK1 followed by some digits. 

Minimum order quantity is 2.